Gurkees sandals (rope sandals) for men and women are handcrafted with soft polypropylene rope that's saltwater and chlorine resistant while still being machine washable. Polypropylene rope is the same material from which most carpet fibers are made. That is a key factor why Gurkees sandals last so long, feel very soft, and are light on your feet.

The double layer, industrial strength outsole of the Gurkees sandals offers flexibility with every step, yet is durable enough to last for years. Their tag line is: Gurkees Sandals - Gurkees rope sandals are so comfortable, they are "like going barefoot".

Gurkees bear some resemblance to the french sandals known as espadrilles, which are also usually made from rope, or have rope soles.

Sandal Guide Tip

Huaraches are also a traditional Mexican dish in which the stuffed cactus paddles look like little Mexican sandals.