Many people may be familiar with huaraches throughout Latin America, the United States, and Canada.  Huaraches are a traditional sandal from Mexico, typically made from hand-worked leather.

The sandals probably first started off as a leather weave with leather soles and date back hundreds of years. In recent times, especially with the rapid rise of the automobile, the sandals adopted their iconic use of synthetic rubber soles made from recycled tires. The rubber from the tires and the heavy leather weave has made them popular as sandals that don’t wear out, or at least not easily. Some wearers report huaraches lasting 10 to 20 years.

Originally a native or peasant shoe, the early huaraches came in only limited sizes. The sizing was based around a typical Mexican foot, which tended to be rather short and stout. These days you can find many different interpretations of the classic huarache. Some come with leather soles, some with rubber. Others use a synthetic sole similar to sports or tennis shoes. Still others have repurposed huarache-like designs as high end leather footwear. Also, to accommodate a wider range of feet, many are now available in sizes up to size 15. Huaraches come in women’s and children’s versions as well. Sometimes people disagree on what a huarache is, because they range from a simple flip flop type sandal up to designs that look like shoes. The more shoe-like huaraches are usually distinguished by some type of weave design that sets them apart from a typical shoe.

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Huaraches are famous for featuring the iconic recycled tire sole. The Beach Boys sang about huaraches.